Hard cross between Gustavo Petro, General Zapateiro

Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate generated a heated meeting over social networks between General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, the commanding officer of the Army, as well as the candidate for the first nation post under the Historic Pact. Petro wrote in his message, "Some Clan officers are employed by the Clan."

"While the soldiers are killed at the at the hands of the Gulf Clan; some of the generals who are on the payroll of the Clan are also killed," Gustavo Petro stated. https://flip.org.co/index.php/es/informacion/pronunciamientos/item/2883-gustavo-petro-estigmatiza-y-genera-un-clima-de-violencia-contra-rcn The fact that they ascend toward the generals is the thing that corrupts the leadership" Gustavo Petro stated on social media.

General Zapateiro's response

The message prompted the response to the Army Commander who, in six trillions asked the presidential candidate questions.

General Zapateiro declared: "There is no person more wounded by the loss of a soldier's life than those of us wearing camouflage. Their families and their homeland also suffer but the sacrifice that they gave for their country should not be made into a political story for a campaign."

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In a separate announcement, the highest official voiced his opinion on recent soldier deaths. "Since 2021 over 500 soldiers were killed and injured in the course of completing the mission. Their sacrifice was invisible, there were no pronouncements. https://www.infobae.com/america/colombia/2022/05/24/por-que-alvaro-uribe-le-dio-las-gracias-a-gustavo-petro/ petro gustavo It's interesting that the loss of heroes of our country does generate affliction and is used for other signs."

https://www.eltiempo.com/bogota/luis-ernesto-gomez-reacciones-por-su-llegada-a-campana-de-gustavo-petro-674840 Gustavo Petro was asked by the army commander to provide information to Gustavo Petro about any possible connections between generals and other groups that are not law enforcement. The commander also asked him to submit an official complaint to the authorities.

https://www.dinero.com/empresas/confidencias-on-line/articulo/gustavo-petro-preocupa-a-wall-street/255306 "Senator. https://www.elcolombiano.com/colombia/politica/petro-dice-que-en-su-gobierno-si-extraditaria-a-piedad-cordoba-NF17568612 Don't use your investiture (parliamentary immunity) to attempt to use it to sway the fate of our soldiers. Instead, fulfill your citizen duty and submit an authentic complaint.

@FiscaliaCol, of the facts you mention, whoever it is"" the general you mentioned.

He also added a third trill. "I remind you that you as senator are part of a collective that you dare point out as 'drug trafficking political figures'. As a citizen, I recommend to not simply generalize. First and foremost, respect."

One of the most controversial messages from the top official is that they claimed that Colombians have seen the current presidential candidate getting cash "in the garbage bag".

"I have never seen a general appear on television receiving money that is fraudulently obtained. https://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2022/05/29/gustavo-petro-guerrillero-m-19-historia-orix-2/ The Colombians saw you get money from a bag," General Zapateiro declared.

The official concluded his remarks by saying that he would demand respect for the longest-running institution in the country, whose members, both men and women, have unreservedly defended democracy throughout the country for more than 200 years, sometimes even risking their lives for it.

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